iPhone: Update finally available, all issues fixed



After a long wait, Apple has finally released an iOS update that was most awaited by all. iPhones will work as they should again, much to the delight of users

For several weeks now, apple Officially released the latest iOS update to version 16 iPhone 14 And that immediately grabs users’ interest. Among the major additions that the Cupertino OEM has contemplated, one cannot fail to mention Cheating.

iOS 16.1 20221025 cellulari.it
After a long wait, Apple has finally released the new iOS update to version 16.1 (Unsplash)

The latter is as customizable as the former. You can have a three-dimensional background, change the font and color for the time and date. But add widgets and more. Forget about coming back Battery state of charge In the upper right, which has been missing for years. However, there are some bugs reported by users that deserve to be fixed. And with that said, it’s finally here New update.

iOS 16.1 is available for everyone, here are the main changes

iOS 16.1 20221025 cellulari.it
Here are all the details of the latest update and the major innovations introduced in the iPhone (Unsplash).

The past few weeks of beta testing have allowed Apple to have one on its hands Virtually perfect version of iOS. with 16.1 Just released, all iPhones will be back to working as before and all errors and bugs seen in the past weeks will be fixed. Among the innovations introduced, firstly Photo library Can be shared on iCloud. So you can instantly pass your saved photos with your family and save them But not only that, because the addition is worrying about other apps as well.

In this case the message, where there will be new ways to start and manage collaborations. Be able to change or cancel sending some content with a convenient button. turning mailThere are innovative tools that will simplify the composition and management of incoming mail. Safari Finally the shared panel supports groups and passkeys, for a level of security never seen before.

You want to proceed with the update immediately, you should already get the notification from your iPhone settings. If not, just go to General and then Software Update. We remind you that it is necessary to have at least 50% battery or connect the device to an electrical outlet In a few minutes, both download and installation New updated operating system.


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