iPhone: How to change password, it’s very easy



Many people use the secure automatic password feature on iPhone to keep their accounts safe. But how to change that certificate, especially if it is very difficult? Here’s how to do it in a few steps

Select one Good password Keeping your data secure is essential. To be effective, a good certificate must be complex: at least eight characters long and interspersed with numbers, letters (including capital letters), and special characters.

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But these features collide with a problem: while it’s harder for hackers in charge to break free, to remember A good password is of course a complicated matter.

In this case, the operating system iOS provides its potential Automatically generate secure passwords Whenever a user is required to create an account, such as signing up for a forum or community. The user chooses his username, leaving the operating system to “suggest” a secure password, which will be automatically saved. iCloud Keychain After confirmation. This way, this certificate will be stored on all Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac).

You can ask the assistant if you want Siri To display the password of a specific website. After saying: “Hey Siri, show me Instagram password”, the user needs to authenticate with Face ID/Touch ID or access code to see all the login information on the Instagram account.

This password is selected by the system in a completely random way, obviously respecting all the trappings of complexity What if we want to change them? The answer is yes.

How to Change iOS Secure Password on iPhone

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While registering on the website, the user must first select his nickname, since iOS The password field will suggest a secure password to associate with the account. In this case, you need to click on the item “More options…” under the heading “Use a secure password” to get more customization options, including:

  • Choose your secret message: Allows the user to type their own credentials instead of relying on the one set by the system
  • Secure password change: allows you to change to random credentials, perhaps a bit more difficult to remember tampering with in some parts
  • There is no special character: Allows you to eliminate the complexity of separating all special characters in secure passwords set by the device The result is a certificate consisting only of numbers and letters
  • Easy to type: In this case, the password suggested by the system will be easier to type in case of difficulty, probably because it has to be set on a device other than the iPhone and therefore without access to the iCloud account.


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