John Carmack on Meta VR: “There’s a lot that bothers me”



Meta consultant (and former Oculus chief technology officer), John Carmack, expressed frustration with the state of the company’s virtual reality capabilities.

As Ars Technica reported, “There’s a group I’m angry at,” Carmack said during the 2022 MetaConnect show.

He gave his usual presentation, but as an avatar, far from fulfilling his hopes last year that he would address thousands of people in virtual space. “It’s right here, I didn’t mean to say that,” she said. “To you, being an on-screen avatar in a video is essentially the same as being in a video.”

John Carmack said mockery changed the direction of the meta after the release of Mark Zuckerberg's avatar.

John Carmack said mockery changed the direction of the meta after the release of Mark Zuckerberg’s avatar.

Speaking of avatars, Carmack was disappointed with Matera’s current design direction, commenting that the mockery the company faced after sharing a Mii-like avatar of Mark Zuckerberg in August (above) prompted them to stick with an incredibly realistic design instead of asking for it. .

“We have a limited amount of resources here in our headphones, and in many cases Cloud View is not going to save us,” he said. “I definitely want to improve quantitatively rather than qualitatively.”

Carmack also isn’t a fan of the Quest Pro VR headset — the official Project Cambria version that will retail for $1,499 — because he’s always advocated for accessible technology, “and the Quest Pro certainly isn’t,” he said.

Also, the current Meta headset Quest 2 disappoints him as Carmack believes it does not provide a good user experience due to frequent updates. These either require it to be always on and plugged in, or force users into what he calls “update hell” every time they use the headset.

“The usability of Quest really needs to be improved,” he said. “Our app launch times are slow and our changes are complex We need to improve them a lot: get in faster.”

The rest of Meta Connect 2022 was more optimistic as the company announced the arrival of several new games to the Meta Quest 2 headset, including Our VR and Iron Man VR in November.

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