Margot Robbie and Cara Delevingne are involved in a horrific attack


Margot Robbie y Cara Delevingne They are two actresses who have maintained a friendly bond thanks to the film they took part in, especially the one that started it all suicide squad of 2016. And now, they are involved in a rather scary case, because they had an accident with a paparazzi they met on a tour. well Ayres, Argentina.

The report indicates that a certain photographer is in trouble ravi y Delevingne When they got into their car. in TMZ Said the photographer was “aggressive” and “intruded on his space,” telling the driver to drive off ravi I was half in the car. That is known ravi He had to jump from the moving vehicle to avoid serious injuries.

Delevingne He was completely in the car while driving. Apparently, this prompted the photographer to take more pictures ravi While on the ground, the actress requested the intervention of her friends.

According to the press, photographer Dr pedro Alberto the orchestra Ended up with a broken arm and a bloody skull, according to friends ravi They will hit him Two friends have been detained and their identities revealed during interrogation jack Reese Hopkins y Joseph McNamara Callum.

Currently, it is not clear whether any of those involved have filed a police case. page TMZ Its representatives have been contacted ravi y Delevingne, but did not receive a response. For now, there’s no word on whether there will likely be increased demand.

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