Meet the course of change: Google’s app is boring, users still don’t believe it



Meet the change forever. Google has decided to crash the app, users are still not convinced of the change that has been introduced. Here’s what you need to know about it and how it works now

Google Meet It is undoubtedly one of the most used platforms for video calling. Every day millions of users use it for various reasons, be it for work or just for leisure. These services received a great boost when the pandemic emergency began.

Google Meet 20221106
Google Meet announces a real revolution in its mobile platform (Adobe Stock)

Both during the lockdown, with users who used calls to talk to friends and relatives, and during the SmartWorking phase (which is still ongoing). Returning to Google Meet, Mountain View Company Decided to change the application forever and launch a new future within its own platform.

Here’s how Google Meet changes: Users are shocked

An unprecedented piece of news that probably changes the entire usage Google Meet. While the service is initially designed only for video calls, it will soon expand to another phenomenon that is experiencing crazy numbers: gaming.

Developer Mattel163 actually announced the integration in the past few hours One! mobile phone Within the Big G platform. Only on Android devices at the moment, but it is not certain whether a decision will be made to expand the service to iPhones in the future.

Google Meet 20221106
UNO game will be possible! From App (Screenshot)

Thanks to this partnership, with from any device Android 8.0 Oreo or later You can start playing at any time. And all users who are part of a meeting on Meet can join. so as to have an immersive experience, allowing both play and interface in real time with other people participating in the session. Integration supports date Maximum 24 players, With different game modes guaranteed.

You can even start a team game, where two teams clash to win and run out of cards. This project should be seen as a launch with a broader vision than the Big G of Google Meet. Concept service is made into a real one virtual meeting place, Not only to initiate meetings, but also to spend time together. Additionally, as explained by developer Mattel163, there will be other apps that will soon become part of Google’s services.


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