Meta applies new policies to protect consumers and businesses from fraudulent reviews


Ecommerce brands take note – today, Meta is launching a new one Community response policy In the United States, which will provide more specific parameters on what is approved between customer reviews and feedback published in the app.

The new policy is designed to ‘ensure reviews are based on actual purchasing experience’, as well as to avoid fraudulent and offensive feedback. In other words, Meta is now implementing new mechanisms to detect false and misleading reviews, limit opportunities to use reviews as a weapon, and prevent people from trying to scam the system with false positive feedback.

Explained by Meta:

“More 200 million businesses Connect with their customers through our apps and technology. Community feedback provides businesses with helpful insights from their customers and helps people make informed purchasing decisions as they discover new products. “

To help keep things straight, Meta is now enforcing more specific rules about what is allowed and what is not allowed in product and business reviews, with clear rules against parameters around motivation and relevance.

So you can’t give away a free gift in exchange for a review, when the relevant part will cover system abuses – such as dissatisfied or otherwise aggrieved parties seeking to attack a business through negative reviews.

In each case, there is an obligation to prove that the meta can take action, but if there is a clear link between these elements and the on-page reviews, you can expect the meta to take action and penalize your page as a result.

Online reviews have become a way for frustrated customers to overcome their frustration, whether that response is justified or not. At the same time, the rise of online shopping and the rise of discovery has led to a significant increase in the value of positive reviews, which further inspires brands to respond positively even if they can.

That’s fine, for some reason, but you can’t basically pay people to give you a good response, similarly bands should expect some level of protection against misleading attacks.

Meta says it will depend On automated technology and human reviewers to identify potential breaches, while it encourages people and businesses to report suspicious reviews in its apps.

In addition to complying with our Community Standards, all feedback from people regarding products and businesses must now comply with our Community Feedback Policy, which specifically prohibits the manipulation of reviews, promotions, irrelevance, graphic content and spam.

A new policy for US businesses has been launched today – you can read more about the Meter ‘Rating and Review’ policy Here.

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