Microsoft cites Xbox One sales figures compared to PS4


As it turns out, the last generation of video game consoles is practically over, and that’s what led the companies to give their final numbers, which resulted in 117.2 million. sony. For its part, Microsoft Its statements have been more ambiguous, since they did not give numbers, but based on a comparison play station.

Through some documents Microsoft Referred to the Administrative Council for Economic Defence Brazil, it was only noted that its console sold half of what was generated by its direct competitor. No specific figures are given for the units sold, so this might be a figure they probably don’t want to share with the general public.

If the estimated results hold, the total number of consoles sold will be just over 50 million, but this is how they launched the first device in their history. 2001. Thus being the second place of its generation present in the industry, the first place is neither more nor less. Xbox 360His most valuable creation to date.

Currently, both Xbox Series X as come It has managed to amass more than 15.98 million consoles sold, most of which are cheaper models, adding to its production Series X Still slower next year with the arrival of big productions, the number will likely increase due to exclusives eg Starfield.

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