My Hero Academia reveals its darkest scene




My Hero Academia It’s a feat that the anime has been able to surpass in part, and it’s because of the originality of setting the world of superheroes within a Japanese shonen-style story. For now, it is noted that the story has reached its final moment, as the battle between the most powerful characters in the drama has officially begun.

In the latest chapter of the manga, the characters are seen facing off against the Spinner Army, who give the action one of the most representative and dark scenes to date. who carry the heads of the members Biorejection group, People who have turned their backs on certain breeds in the past just because of their looks.

The MHA Anime team will completely remove the CRC parts, replace them with flags, etc. And some fans will enjoy it as if nothing was wrong.

This punishment of ripping off their heads and impaling them on spears is a form of punishment for years of superstition, as some of the world’s mutants My Hero Academia They have suffered enough. Even though it’s a revenge of sorts, they seem to be enjoying it which makes those pages of the manga a little anxious about what might happen to the heroes.

Note that in the anime section, the new season is currently airing on the like site Crunchyroll.

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