Neon Genesis Evangelion will have its own hotel and theater plays




Its story from a few months ago Evangelion Finally, the film will be released in theaters and various streaming systems Amazon Prime Video. However, the story is far from dead, with some interesting projects recently announced that animation fans will surely love.

It is heard that there will apparently be a live action play of the story. The news comes straight from Japan as the team oversees tore kabukicho shared an update. During this time, skyscrapers are being built and all kinds of businesses are being provided. And it appears that this hotel will give Evangelion His own game and hotel.

According to the builders, the skyscraper will sit Milano-Ja Theater, and his first work will deal with this anime. The show will be called Evangelion Even after thatand director Sidi Larbi Cherkaoui Supervising All movies will be promoted through theatrical release Evangelion in his theater. Even the classical opening singer will be invited to the event.

It is not yet certain when the construction will be completed, but fans are sure to pack the place.

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Publisher’s Note: Surely another project that would have potential would be something related to One Piece, given that it is the most popular anime franchise in the world. I hope they take this into consideration and do the same as Evangelion.


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