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Ad duration, price and more

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Netflix will launch a new subscription plan in November, funded in part by advertising. The new subscription is the cheapest at 5 euros per month, but comes with four to five minutes of ads per hour and limited functions.

Updated October 14, 2022

According to the first unofficial report Netflix is ​​now reporting by myself Planned promotional membership pricing. so called “Basic Subscription with Ads” Should be in Germany November 3rd starting at 5pm. Netflix users who endure ads during pay movies or series 4.99 euros monthly For such a subscription. The basic tariff without advertising, with limited resolution and only one device costs 7.99 euros so far, the most expensive subscription up to 4K resolution and four devices is about 18 euros. Nothing should change about this membership model.

The basic subscription with ads should be the same as the previous basic subscription, but with a few differences: Hourly An average four to five minute ad Shown, which is primarily only before and during series and movies. Each commercial is 15 or 30 seconds long and advertisers should be able to control the type and content of their ads. So, to a certain extent, these appear to be personalized ads after all. Also come with promotional subscriptions Series episodes or movies can be downloadedIt creates a single membership without this feature

Original report from August 31, 2022

A few months ago, Netflix announced that this would be possible in the future Ad-Funded Subscriptions Want to Offer Streaming providers want to increase their sales this way. According to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, the new subscription model will be launched in early 2023. a new one Bloomberg reports Now reveals some details about ad-funded subscriptions.

Accordingly, the whole thing is already there Fourth quarter of 2022 In the US, with additional territories to follow early next year. Compared to previous subscriptions, the new one should be a little cheaper. Bloomberg talks about prices in between $7 and $9. Currently, the cheapest option costs about US$10. However, the content here is only offered in SD quality. Already under $16 for a Full HD subscription.

Streaming soon with commercial breaks? (Image: Netflix)

Customers are also seen in the report A four-minute ad expected every hour. This means that the length of commercial breaks is at least much more humane than conventional television. Initially, children’s programs and Netflix productions will be ad-free. In all other cases, advertisements are played at the beginning and middle of the film. No advertisement should be shown at the end of a series or a movie.

Ads will likely not be personalized ads. Rather, all users should see the same ad. Netflix is ​​taking a different approach than YouTube and company. However, it is noted that the advertisements will not be repeated often.


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