Netflix to pay $1 million after losing lawsuit Atomics


its status Netflix It gets worse day by day. This time we are not talking about losing customers. But for paying $42 million to various writersThis was after losing a case against the Writers Guild of America (WGA for its acronym in English).

It all started with a recent arbitration with the union, which forced Netflix to pay Eric Heiser $850,000 for the remainder. bird boxplus $350 thousand in interest, Giving a total of $1.2 million dollars. Writers Guild of America President Meredith Stiehm commented:

“Netflix argued that the WGA should adopt a flawed formula that the company negotiated with the DGA and SAG-AFTRA. After a hearing, however, an arbitrator ruled differently: the license fee should have been greater than the film’s total budget.

The upcoming 2023 MBA deal challenges us to confront the industry’s rush to use the broadcast model’s growth to depress wages and working conditions for Hollywood talent. We hope that writers and all Hollywood workers get their fair share of what we create together.”

In case though bird box Negotiated for just $1.2 million, it was ruled that Netflix should pay original title writers the same level of licensing fees as third-party pay-per-title services. This means that the ruling applies to a total of 139 Netflix original movies.

Thus, 216 writers of those films are in line to receive unpaid residuals totaling $42 million. And if that’s not enough, The union is seeking an additional $13 million in interestThat means affected authors could receive a total of $64 million in residuals after the WGA action.

This is the result of several decisions by Netflix to pay writers less. The streaming company began producing films written by WGA members in 2016, but the guild’s original compensation covers only the films’ theatrical releases. When these tapes are licensed or released into other markets, royalties must be paid on those revenues. nevertheless, Netflix signed new contracts with SAG-AFTRA and the DGA that allowed them to pay significantly lower residuals, something that was attempted to be negotiated with the Writers Guild of America. However, and as we have already seen, this did not have positive results.

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Editor’s note:

This is the result of Netflix’s bad habits. $42 million is not a small sum, especially during the difficult times the company faces. I hope this is a lesson that writers need to pay their dues, and not find a way to reduce their pay.

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