New Halloween update is coming to GTA Online




We live in an age of fear 2022At the same time, many video game companies are running special events related to the festival Halloween. Because of that, game choice GTA Online They weren’t going to stay, and now there’s a promotion that brings interesting objects, among them a new car.

Custom BF Weevil

The first thing to find are Weevils with flame prints and spikes for awnings.

The same one that will help players protect themselves from hair-raising horrors this Halloween season, it’s now available at Benny’s Original Motor Works.

Sasquatch and Death Mask Set

The Sasquatch outfit is a nightmarish outfit that features in numerous stories. You have to log in and play GTA Online on October 31 to try to get it for free. For its part, there’s the death mask that will give a lot of scares, it can be obtained completely free this week in the video game.

Double GTA$ and RP in Halloween mode

This week GTA Online players can revel in double GTA$ and RP for taking on the claustrophobic Halloween Bunker Series Melee, Doomsday Adversary Mode, Holiday Modes: They include Pariah and Santos Vs. Sinners, each with their own individual rules and rewards.

A lot more Halloween stuff

As part of this Halloween festivities, visit the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort to admire this week’s stunning vehicle on display: a custom Albany Franken Stange with the Death in Flames paint job. To win it you have to play in the casino.

The following discounts are added for this holiday:

– Vapid Blade: 50% off

– Albany Larch: 50% off

– Western Gargoyle: 50% off

– BF Weevil: 40% off

– LCC Sanctus: 40% discount

– Ocelot Penetrator: 40% off

– Groti Vision: 30% discount

– Coil Riden: 30% off

– Valid i-Wagen: 30% discount

– Lampdati Pigalle: 30% off

Remember that GTA Online Available at PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and PC.

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