New update for Google Pixel fixes 9 bugs


The new month is a few days old and that means a new monthly update for the Google Pixel The update also brings a few bug fixes to address various bugs, some of which only occurred with the Android 13 update.


  • Fixed an issue that occasionally caused an audible hum or noise artifact when making a call using a wired headset. *[1]
  • Fixed an issue where device volume control in media player notifications was not working under certain conditions.


  • Fixed an issue that caused the launcher to crash when connecting to a VPN under certain conditions

User interface

  • Fixed an issue causing compatibility issues with certain app widgets in Android 13.
  • Fixed an issue where the media player was showing the default icon for certain media apps.
  • Fix an issue that sometimes caused the device to crash when playing audio from local storage.
  • Fixed an issue where blank Quick Settings tiles would sometimes appear in the notification shade.
  • Fixed an issue where the work profile button in the app drawer would sometimes appear cut off.


  • Fixed an issue that sometimes prevented available Wi-Fi networks from appearing in the network selection menu of certain apps

This time, Google is rolling out new firmware for all Pixel phones from Pixel 4 onwards. This should be the last major or regular monthly update for the Pixel 4 series, with the update guarantee ending this month.

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