New versions of Windows will be compatible with MacOS



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apparently, Microsoft It has leaked the contents of what could be its new version Windows, thanks to its various Ignite presentations. Specifically, it shows a slide that lets you see the user interface, and while revealing the aforementioned images, users can’t deny that it looks quite similar to some of the competition.

What is most curious is the similarity with this Mac operating system, since a floating bar appears like this operating system, besides the design is more attractive than the previous versions. For its part, it is noted that the options could be a little more intuitive, to open different programs with just one click of the difference.

Here is a screenshot:


It was mentioned that the later version Windows will be known as code Next valley, now it is at an early stage where various interface concepts are being studied. It is worth noting that computer journalists point out that it has already been released, at least with prototypes, which means not the final version.

It is clear that many users are not choosing to join Windows 11This is after some reports of inconsistencies with certain applications, where the platform steam. then now Microsoft To be redeemed with the next step.

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