PayPal: Great news for users, it will never be the same again



A crazy news that PayPal has announced. Nothing will ever be the same again for users, thanks to a change that will surely cause a lot of discussion. Here’s what you need to know about it

being a Online checking account It has become very useful nowadays. Especially considering the explosion of e-commerce and online subscriptions, which require entering personal data to proceed with payments. Instead of using your credit card every time, it can be more convenient to have a virtual account.

paypal 20221105
Big news coming to PayPal. A crazy one has just been announced and it will cause a lot of discussion (Adobe Stock)

This sense tends to be the reference point PayPal, which can be conveniently used outside the home and in physical stores. In the last few hours, a big news has been announced that will change the way we understand certain people. A change that shocked everyone and that is destiny To change cards on the table.

PayPal, here are the latest changes announced recently

Certainly not a small change, which will be discussed in the coming weeks. PayPal It has decided to make further changes to its services to make life easier for customers. Especially for traders, who will benefit Apple Pay and the iPhone.

paypal 20221105
The partnership with Apple continues and will be for quite some time (Adobe Stock)

In fact, according to the company itself, the new function will be adopted soon Tap to make Apple Pay. But not only that, because Apple Pay support for credit and debit cards will also be introduced. By doing this, you can add this method as a payment option.

Super News was contacted during an update to investors, regarding its profit release the third Quarterly 2022. The company is working on a number of strategic initiatives, which explains how it: “Working with Apple to improve our PayPal and Venmo merchant and consumer offerings“Thanks to Tap to Pay, merchants can accept contactless payments using supported iOS apps. You’ll need to have a iPhone XS or later. Apple Watch is also supported for operations, to make everyone’s life easier and complete payments easier. Everything is obviously based on NFC technology, which has already taken over for many devices over the years.


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