PewDiePie loses his throne as the YouTuber with the most subscribers




It seems like a joke, but for about 10 years YouTuber Gamer is the category that generated the most subscribers PewDiePie, who started with fun gameplay and thus influenced many. And while it’s still very popular today, it seems that someone has already taken its place, at least in terms of user numbers.

Page eg edge They named To PewDiePie, the king of YouTube in 2014 And, since then, he’s amassed nearly 111 million subscribers as he’s expanded his posts to include commenting and vlogging. He who was responsible for overthrowing him was no more Mr. BeastAs it quickly surpassed the number of subscribers on November 14

Like watching esports and influencer sites Dexterto, Mr. Beast It now has 111 million subscribers. But eclipse eclipsed the number within seconds PewDiePie For just a few thousand more, about 111,846,073 compared to about 111,847,586 subscribers. PewDiePie.

It is worth mentioning Mr the beast He started his channel in February 2012I used to upload videos Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 y Minecraft Before morphing into what is now paying money and prizes through expensive contests and stunts. He also collected funds for this Foundation Arbor day To plant more than 20 million trees in US national parks and opened a burger joint.

Will he achieve? PewDiePie Generate more numbers? That will be seen later.

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