Pixel 7 Pro: Battery disaster compared to Apple, Samsung and Xiaomi?



With its Pixel 7 Pro, Google offers a top smartphone that is roughly on par with other manufacturers’ flagships. Does the comparison confirm that?

A 5,000 mAh battery comes with a 6.7-inch LTPO display with 120 Hz Under the hood is a current processor with individual compatibility Still, first extensive test comparisons show that Google can’t quite keep up with the second Tensor generation.

Google released the phone first

In the colleagues’ video, last year’s Pixel 6 Pro is out first. But it was at least 8:52 hours. There were also the rest of the test runs, such as video playback, running cameras, browser tests, etc.

The new Pixel 7 Pro lasted about 20 minutes longer. The OnePlus 10 Pro’s battery lasted 30 minutes longer, and the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra just missed the 10-hour mark.

Apples make everyone look old

Finally, we’re not surprised that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has the best battery life despite having the smallest battery. But other than that, while Google phones are first off, the difference isn’t that big. A difference of 40 minutes is manageable with a running time of over 9 hours – or do you think?

Battery Comparison: Google vs Everyone Else in Video

Don’t expect your smartphone to get more than 9 hours of screen time either. Mobile communication and WiFi usually play an important role, as does screen brightness, which varies with battery load. So this test is of course only a rough guide.

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