Pixel 7 Pro: Best cell phone camera and nearly the best display


After all, Google started with the Pixel 7 Pro’s camera and integrated some innovations. There are also great upgrades to the chips that have probably paid off.

If you believe DXOMARK according to the latest test, then with the Pixel 7 Pro, Google offers the smartphone with the best mobile phone camera at the moment. Be it in the premium segment from $800 or in global rankings across all price ranges – the Pixel 7 Pro tops the list.

Google now leads the smartphone camera rankings

The list of advantages is long, the list of disadvantages is short. A big advantage of the Pixel 7 Pro camera is the consistent camera experience, no matter which function you use from the camera. Over the years, Google has stood for a very balanced quality across all cameras.

The Pixel 7 Pro is the first Google phone to pack common camera features like optical zoom, ultra wide angle, night vision, portrait and macro into a single device. This has never happened before with Google.

The display is also great

In another segment, Google confirmed that this year’s display upgrade was the right choice. The Pixel 6 Pro already had a very good panel. Google explodes the iPhone podium and sits atop the display rankings by his test results The iPhone 14 Pro Max is in second place. Pixel 7 is already in 5th place

Test results may vary

Google definitely delivers. It should be noted that other testers will likely come up with different results. According to Displaymate, Samsung has always been the first choice for displays and only then followed by Samsung customers like Google.

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