PlayStation wants to conquer iPhone, not just consoles


Not only the console world, but for the PlayStation it promises a very bright and definite future. In fact, the iPhone is part of the plan

The PlayStation seems intent on expanding its horizons and conquering still undiscovered territories, or rather they IPhone reference. We all know that, for the time being, they are a company that has been doing great work on consoles for many years. But what will be the next step that Sony has chosen to follow? What is it about?

PlayStation wants to conquer iPhone (source pixels)

Based on what we can read about Edge Looks like Sony has made it public Documents Which will soon catch the eye of investors. This is a project that predicts the arrival of the many games currently available on the PlayStation by 2025, the famous Mobile devices from Apple. If you want to play Fortnite is the iPhoneNow it is possible again.

After consoles, PlayStation is now targeting the iPhone

Lt. Apple’s policyHowever, they could not fully convince all the developers. Part Presentation Brought by Sony, it depends on a specific subject. They also want to expand in this sector PC e Mobile phone And also in live service. The goal is to move from a very narrow part of the world market to virtually everywhere. Jim RyanOne person who holds the role of president of the Sony company also said that the market today is witnessing real growth for PC games and all mobile devices.

PlayStation wants to win the iPhone
PlayStation wants to conquer iPhone (source pixels)

It was this one Decision Taken to bring the team PlayStation Mobile To go the right way, so that he can get all the ideas needed to enter this new world. This is an opportunity he has chosen to seize on the fly, as all of this could translate into the fact that many people have chosen to invest in the company’s games.

Sony chose to do it last year Another step forward. In fact, several figures were also EA’s guys. Something very important that we noticed when he chose to appoint a former chief executive Apple Arcade, Nikola Sebastiani.

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