Samsung leaves no cost: ready for record investment in research and development



Samsung has announced record investments in research and development of new technologies, an increase over the past five years.

The Technology It is a very broad sector that goes beyond the realm of smartphones, televisions, computers and consumer electronics in general. This umbrella combines themes and products that are less familiar to the general public but crucial to the business of companies. He knows something about it SamsungWhich has announced its intention to inject significant liquidity to strengthen its commitment to the technology sector in these few hours.

Samsung record investment
Record Samsung investment in new technology R&D (AdobeStock)

In particular, according to the plan published by the Seoul giant itself and reported by EngadgetIts equivalent 332.4 billion eurosThe equivalent of 450,000 billion won, its business Research and development of new technologies. When we mention this problem, we can’t fail to mention it clearlyArtificial intelligenceAt the heart of increasingly large technology strategies, but also hardware components based on which devices functionality and infrastructure, such as Semiconductor. Its investment Samsung However, it will also cover a third pole, which is its sector BiotechnologyUnrest in particular is another issue in the last days.

So it is a significant personality and which is mainly associated with the geographical region SamsungConsidering the reality that about 80% of the total will be reserved for the terrain South Korea. Thus, in reality, the Seoul-based company will take the initiative to create New job – Nearly one million, according to official figures – by 2026 with more than 80,000 new employees to be recruited.

Samsung: South Korea promises new jobs and semiconductor sector

Samsung record investment
Samsung aims to strengthen its commitment to the semiconductor industry (AdobeStock)

At any rate, Samsung This is not new for heavy investment in R&D, but the latest figures from the company are much higher. 240,000 billion won And last August 330,000 million won Registered in the previous five years. These additional costs are mainly linked to the manufacturer’s desire to improve the central sector Semiconductor. However, there is no shortage of more specific sectors like biotechnology and where the market has the same promise. Samsung It is among the market leaders, such as consumers.

The Korean company has made more qualitative leaps in terms of i Gaming monitorComplete technical and innovative proposals including new ones are being presented Odyssey Neo G7 e Odyssey Neo G4.


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