Sony has talked about the possibility of increasing the price of PS5


At the time of its latest financial reporting play station Some of the casualties have been declared self-inflicted sony Admittedly, this has largely affected the company’s software sales. In addition, constant comments about the lack of material continue to emerge, which clearly serve to unite each and every one. PS5.

After financial difficulties at a general level of the company, the Japanese confirmed that they had to increase the prices among their Blu-ray devices, speakers, computers and other devices. In the wake of this, investors have asked him if they will grow the console at any point play station Which has a price $499 USD In version with disc and $399 Only in digital.

He commented like this Hiroki TotokiDirector of Finance sony:

Regarding the possible price increase of the PS5, there is nothing specific I can share with you about the price at this time.

In the final months of this year, technology analysts predicted that products that rely on semiconductors would become more expensive as chipmakers increase their numbers and the companies that buy them pass the cost on to consumers. Everything will be a matter of domino effect that will reach the end user.

Publisher’s Note: For now, raising the price would not be a good strategy on PlayStation’s part, with great games coming out these months that could trigger new potential buyers. And if they’ve considered buying a console before, the increase could lead consumers to a resounding “no.”

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