Survey reveals which are the most popular video game services


from Xbox Reaching the console generation, a business that involved services on the Internet was launched Xbox Live which increases with time. Now, almost every company has its own membership and recently it became known which one is the most popular, at least in this region America.

In a recent study conducted by Statista, it was indicated that the most used memberships in the gaming business are neither more nor less than PlayStation PlusTake a percentage 42%. It follows Amazon Prime/Luna one with 39% Total, and in third place we have Xbox Live Gold/Game PassIt also includes subscriptions Game Pass Ultimate.

This is the final result:

– PlayStation Plus: 42%

– Amazon Prime/Luna: 39%

Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Live Gold/Game Pass Ultimate: 37%

– Netflix Games: 33%

– Nintendo Switch Online: 32%

– Apple Arcade: 27%

– EA Play/Pro: 26%

– GeForce Now: 19%

– Google Stadia: 18%

753331Something to note about this study is the number of people surveyed, only 1,099 test subjects were taken for analysis. The video game market covers a lot of people, so the results may vary if it is expanded further, it’s also about the region.

Nevertheless, the results indicate both Xbox as play station They are almost equal.

Through: Augusta Free Press

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