Splatoon 3 will be getting new content very soon




Although much has already been said about him, Splatoon 3 It continues to release content for those who prefer the competitive side, as many have found the title to be the most balanced of the three. And for the fans to keep the party going, in a few more days.”Chill Season 2022”Including weapons, maps, clothes and many other elements.

In particular, users will be able to start buying objects from December 1st More details here in an update:

Starting December 1, all Splatoon 3 players with an active Nintendo Switch Online membership will have access to new “Chill Season 2022” content, including weapons and stages, new equipment and victory emotes and game modes.

And just when you thought it was safe to be out of the water… the big run is coming! This new in-game event puts a twist on survival action cooperative From Salmon Run game mode. The first big race will be held later this year when salmonids invade the Wahoo World Stage. Stay with Spla for more details on how this event will change Splatsville and how to get involved.

If you’re an avid Splatoon 3 player, you must check out the new X Battles! X Battles requires players to reach an elite rank in anarchy battles and risk X Power to challenge their way up the leaderboards. X Battles will debut on December 1, with three new weapons (a new roller, charger, and shooter) and 10 returning weapons from previous Splatoon games, including some with modified sets!

Some additional stages of fun are also being added. The new Brinewater Springs makes its first “fresh” appearance, and many seasoned players will remember Flounder Heights from the first Splatoon game.

Plus, fashion-forward Inklings and Octolings know that a new season means a whole new catalog. “Chill Season 2022” adds a new collection of gear, custom titles, victory emotes, decals and more to help you show your style and stand out from your “docs”. The store will also have new equipment and items!

Note that the game is available Nintendo Switch.

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