STALKER 2, Development continues despite Ukraine war: latest



STALKER 2 continues to evolve, the video game in question is the result of the efforts of many developers who fight on the skin.

I came Covid-19 It has undoubtedly dealt a decisive and terrible blow to an economy that was nothing but strong and secure, as we have felt for many years now. The global epidemic has changed the rules of life, moments where it only focuses on survival. And while the worst of times seem to be over, here it is Russia Decided to attack militarilyUkraineCreates a conflict that does not spare anyone.

STALKER 2, Message from the developers: Great news despite the war

A lot of the news coming from the front today, and is not positive. They cannot be, because there is war Death, Trouble, Fear, Destruction e Destruction. And these effects certainly don’t have a side or a flag, but they all take the same way. Among those who are facing conflict on their own skin are video game developers who did not want to leave their country.

STALKER 2, development continues

One of the most interesting testimonies from this point of view, as well as one of the most difficult and the most sensitive. Message Leaving a developer, who said how The development of the game was more important to him than survival. Another group of developers who have suffered casualties in a sudden war includes them GSC Game World, A spacious Ukrainian development house. After announcing the brand new and highly anticipated Stalker 2Also the title shows us some very interesting details, which we remember that it will turn out Game pass On the first day of Xbox, the battle began. Obviously the future of the product is uncertain and the release date is more unknown than before, but there is interesting news.

Stalker 2 developer

An enthusiastic official asked STALKER 2 Discord Server if development was continuing despite everything and the developers’ response was yes. Development continues, and beyond. Some very interesting updates have been given about the difficulty of the title. “We will prepare a sufficient number of difficulty settings for the player to find the correct level of challenge.”The developers said. There will also be something for “true” hardcore fans. And speaking of hardcore, we recommend this Strong position of a PlayStation Studio.


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