Streamer shows off surgery scars after collapsing again at TwitchCon



Adriana Czech

screenshot: take off

Adriana Chechik, von Earlier this month, he made headlines after breaking his back in two places on TwitchHe’s back on stream with some updates — and a closer look — at how he’s recovering

In case you didn’t witness the incident, Chechik broke his back at TwitchCon after jumping into a foam pit, which was apparently harmless due to the pit’s reported shallow depth. The tailbone hit the ground so hard that his “bones were completely shattered,” multiple concussions coalesced, and he suffered “nerve damage in the area.” [her] Bless”.

It was his recovery process strict. I wrote this on October 13th after a physical therapy session:

I tried sitting in PT today, I’d rather die than do it again. I hate it, my whole body hates it. I don’t want to be harsh. I don’t want to be brave, I cried for an hour and the pain is so great from all the medicine. I wonder if I can. I can’t explain this pain.

Chechik, who is now home after multiple surgeries — which lasted more than five hours — returned to Twitch over the weekend to share more about the injury, its aftermath, and the weeks following the accident.

In this clip, Cishek recalls how he was panting while performing even simple daily tasks before a huge scar appeared in the middle of his back:

Later in the play, she says that scans she had at the hospital revealed she was unknowingly pregnant at the time of the injury, but then lost the baby due to surgery on her spine:

After this accident and other injuries he suffered, no Neither Twitch (the organizer of TwitchCon) nor Kairos Media (the creative agency that actually runs the kiosk) have made public statements.


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