Studio Ghibli and Lucasfilm collaborative short released




Sometimes there are western studios that collaborate with eastern studios to produce high quality anime, this is evident Cyberpunk: The Edgerunnerswhich is the same CD Project Red y trigger They worked together. and now, star wars Will launch a new product that is popular Ghibli Involved with beloved baby Yoda.

a lot Studio Ghibli as Lucasfilm They will launch Jane – Grogu and the Dust RabbitAn original hand-drawn animated short film, in Disney Plus morning, 12th November. It was recently revealed to us on social networks, the most interesting thing is that its premiere comes mainly to celebrate the third anniversary The Mandalorian.

Zen – Grogu and the Dust Bunnies, a hand-drawn animation by Studio Ghibli, airs tomorrow on #DisneyPlus.

the end November 10, Studio Ghibli He followed his own by tweeting a short video of the Lucasfilm logo, leading the Internet to believe that these two worlds will soon collide. Studio GhiblI’ll keep hinting at the collaboration until I’m the final poster Twitter.

Note that this will only be available Disney Plus.

Through: IGN


Editor’s note: To be honest I wasn’t too keen on this news, but this short sounds promising. We will have to watch it tomorrow on our streaming platform.


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