Super Smash Bros. lead composer Konichi Okuma has died


Title one More crushed crushed brother. The version that stood out the most for having a large amount of music Wii, Brawl, which included orchestrated versions of its great classics Nintendo and more companies. And precisely, a musician who contributed significantly to this installment died a few days ago this month.

His name was Konichi OkumaArrangers who helped with song covers Gyromite, Pokemon Gym of versions the red y the blueas well as Flat zone 2. Musical pieces that first entered Brawl will be transferred later Smash for Wii U y 3DS. Arrangements have been made for preservation read on The rest of his day.

through your account Twitter Officially, it was confirmed that the musician died last 22 July aged 56. It is noted that this was due to the diagnosis of esophageal cancer some time ago. Given this fact, many expressed their condolences, noting that he left behind a great legacy for the system of story games.

even Masahiro Sakurai His tribute:

I pray for your soul…

Thanks for your help with “Smash Bros. Brawl”, but there are some songs that are used in later games as well.

Undoubtedly, it was a very sad time where important people in Japan left their lives and moved away, it also happened. Kazuki Takahashi, Creator of the franchise Yu-Gi-Oh!. We hope that Mr. Konichi Okuma Find the rest of the premiere. His work has been and will continue to be appreciated by millions of people around the world.

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