Telegram: The function that won over users, you can’t miss it



Telegram has a practical function that has won over all users since its launch in a stable version. This is a real gem that you cannot miss for any reason in the world

Although WhatsApp You continue to crush record numbers, even as the competition continues to defend itself in the best possible way. The Messaging platform They represent a resource that users can no longer do without, be it communicating with other people or exchanging multimedia content.

Telegram 20221031
Telegram has a feature that is sensational and winning more and more people’s hearts. You can start using it now (unsplash).

The Zuckerberg giant’s main rival is of course represented by Telegram. Pavel Durov’s alternative has several features that are unique and not available in any other app, and this is likely The key to success Among others, the service has a feature that has won over millions of people around the world since its arrival. It is easy to use and Available to all for free.

Telegram, here’s functionality you can’t do without

Telegram 20221031
They are close people and available to everyone now (unflash).

It’s a real gem that more and more people are getting to know, it’s a very useful tool Telegram Wanted to make available to its users. Have you ever heard of alternatives? “close people”? It is a tool that allows you to identify users who are geographically located in nearby areas and connected to the app. Everything works thanks Geolocation Services. Nearby peoples are a useful aid in identifying local groups that may interact.

If you’ve never seen it, there’s a reason: It is not enabled by default. You must go to user privacy settings and enable it. It takes a few seconds and you can’t do without it. To do this, you first need to open the app and click on Introduction. At this point, select the option Add nearby people. A window will open that says “Do you allow Telegram to access your location data when the app is not in use?” If you tap Always allow, that’s it. We recommend that you click Make Me Visible before clicking OK and completing everything. The tool is now available On both Android and iOS, And it’s completely free.


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