They clear up rumors about Daniel Radcliffe’s attendance at UCM




For months, a rumor has been doing the rounds that hinted at the actor’s participation harry potter, Daniel RadcliffeIn its cinematic universe MarvelEspecially in the role of mutant Wolverine. And after so much discussion among the specialized entertainment press, finally the boy wizard’s interpreter came out to make a statement.

In a new interview with the magazine GQ, Radcliffe Addressing the latest round of casting rumors for Wolverine And admitted that it didn’t help the hypothesis. He said that his answers during the press tour sometimes fueled these myths somehow, but it was finally confirmed that he has no role in these movies for now.

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Here is his statement:

It’s purely a rumor from the press tour; I say something and then I get bored of reacting that way, so I say something different, and it triggers again. I should never open my mouth. I don’t want to be tied down to something I’m not sure I can love to the same extent all the time.

From time to time I get bored answering questions sensitively. So I made a prank like the other day and it spread rumors again, but that’s okay.

for now, Radcliffe He is busy with other projects in his career.

Through: IGN


Editor’s Comment: This rumor should have clearly been put to rest since it was confirmed that Hugh Jackman is returning for the third Deadpool movie. Well, it was mentioned that this tape will be part of UCM, it’s not yet mentioned how the characters will enter.


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