The $70 version of Skyrim will appear on the Nintendo Switch


Much has been said that now consoles and the new big experience pc They will start costing from 70 dollars, what will it cost God of War Ragnarok, Callisto Protocol, among others. Given this, many of us thought it would never happen nintendo switch, But its anniversary edition Skyrim Showed us the opposite.

Bethesda Many updates have been released The Elder Scrolls v. Last year, the publisher introduced the new $50 Anniversary Edition, not to be confused with the Special Edition. The big difference was that it had more mods and fishing content. It went everywhere except the switch. But now that it is present, many users have noticed it because of the great price.

And of course, users did not hesitate to voice themselves in networks. Here are some comments:

Who would have thought that Skyrim would be a game that would appear on the Switch with a $70 price tag?

Okay, Bethesda. What is it? $70 for Skyrim on Switch?

$70 Nintendo Switch games are here

With this example from Bethesda of Skyrim At $70 USD, it’s possible that other publishers will start to follow the trend switchAnd it is not known Nintendo It will be considered. For now, the company’s larger productions tend to sell for $60 USD, but don’t be surprised if things continue this way soon.

Remember that Skyrim Available at PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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