The established actor lost his chance to play Batman




from batman Beginning on the big screen, many know his iconic actor as none other than him Michael Keaton, Who from that moment spread across Hollywood. However, that adaptation Tim Burton Can be completely different from what we know, especially with the main character.

Especially, holy Pierce Brosnan He auditioned for the film at the time, but apparently didn’t get in at the end, due to a certain action that would upset the production. Reportedly, the British couldn’t get into a superhero movie until recently black adam, Which is ridiculous DC.

Pierce Brosnan could have been Tim Burton's Batman, but a comment at the audition could have robbed him of the opportunity.  Hobby console

He told this to the film’s director at the time, and based on that the decision to not include him may have been made:

I remember saying something stupid to Tim Burton, I said ‘I can’t understand a guy who wears his boxer shorts over his pants.

It is worth mentioning Pierce Brosnan cameand to give life doctor fate the movie Black Adam. The same holds true stone As the hero of the film.

This is the premiere 20 October The theater.

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