The future of Dragon Ball Android 17 will be revealed




of the world dragon ball It is full of interesting characters, from Piccolo to the Prince of Saiyans, vegetableWho is slowly taking away some of his character goku. But, we have too android 17, Who was assigned the role of villain, but who now lives a much more peaceful life in the world.

During the chapter where the newly awakened Android17 itself suggests something that leads to his future SuperAs it mentions picoro Something quite curious to be a robot. And it’s that he wants to change the place to fight on a more empty level, because he doesn’t want the fauna of the place to be harmed in the process.

Who is stronger in Dragon Ball Super, Android 17 or 18?

This brings us to the Tournament of Power Dragon Ball Superto give goku Looking for creatures of great power to take to the tournament and represent number 7 in the universe. That’s where they find out 17 He is protecting a secret island that is home to animals in danger of extinction, because his concern has always been the living creatures.

It means Akira Toriyama He could somehow make the expected events happen, or he simply remembered the robot’s affection for animals and decided to implement it.

In news related to the world dragon ball. Why did the creator of the work comment recently? picoro It changes color in the last movie. Well, this transformation has left fans with a lot of doubts. If you want to know more, we invite you to click on it link.

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Publisher’s Note: Of course everything would have been a coincidence, but it is quite curious that Toriyama himself remembers things that happened literally decades ago. Especially since it turns out he doesn’t have the best memory.


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