The new iPhone’s car accident detection has been in the Pixel since 2019


Again, Google has been ahead of Apple’s efforts for several years, and Apple’s new function to detect car accidents has been working on the Google Pixel for quite some time now.

It does nothing like the iPhone 14 is presented and The first shots have already been fired at them. If Samsung was already puncturing Apple before its presentation, today From 9to5Google Another dart comes in that reminds the people of Cupertino that they can’t always play with the advantage.

The news jumped out when it was confirmed that Apple will introduce a car accident detection system with its mobile phones. Apple Watch Series 8, See Ultra And The new Watch SE. Well, it turns out that this system works It was already introduced in 2019 on Google PixelDepending on the source.

A novelty that is not so much

Google Pixel 6a screen

Google Pixel has traffic accident detection as one of its safety features

As we said, this function has been present in Google Pixel since 2019, but Went very unnoticed among users. Google didn’t really do much to promote this feature, and its release was buried in the hype of the Google Pixel 4 launch. After a while, it becomes more of a footnote than anything else

Its operation is Apple’s implementation is similar: Google Pixel uses the phone’s built-in sensors to recognize when you’ve been in an accident. The Google feature uses your device’s location data, motion sensors, and microphone to detect accident situations.

Once there was an accident, the Google Pixel Will vibrate and sound an alarm to see if you need help. If you don’t answer, it will automatically call the emergency room to report the accident and its location. As we emphasize, this is similar to Apple’s implementation.

This is all very well on paper, but does this feature really work? Well it turns out Yes, there are cases where this feature has been documented to save lives. In fact, there is a story from 2021 where a Google Pixel owner crashed on his property, a farm. The car crashes and flips onto its roof, leaving the user unconscious and unable to reach the phone. When you woke up, your Google Pixel was already there He called the emergency room and was already rescued. You can see it in the video below:

Also in 2021, Google talked about another instance where the Pixel was crucial in saving another user’s life. Taken from 9to5Google. It is a function that We hope no one ever has to use itAlthough it seems to work quite well from what has been seen.

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