The SWC 2022: Summoners War e-sports tournament has started its preliminary round – PIXEL.


A year later, Summoners War: World Arena Championship 2022 (SWC 2022) back in Europe, the global eSports event for free-to-play mobile games Summoners War: Sky Arena. The first step is the EU preliminary decision on August 6, 7 and 13 from 2pm to 7pm. 16 of Europe’s best players will compete for one of the eight spots at the Europa Cup in Berlin on September 17.

The preliminary round games will be telecasted live Official YouTube Channel per Summoners War E-Sport And Twitch-channel German streamer and caster of xnightx96 events.

After two years he found out SWC 2022 It will be held offline again for the first time and will be divided into three regional cups – with three main goals: the European Cup in Berlin (September 17), the America’s Cup in New York (October 8) and the Asia-Pacific Cup in Bangkok (October 22). From each cup, two players* qualify for the World Finals SWC 2022 in Seoul (November 12) and prize money of US$20,000.

Also this year, many well-known participants have qualified for the preliminary round to increase their rule. oak He’s back to continue his qualifying streak as he hasn’t had one SWC Missed it so far. pinkroid After reaching the world finals last year, they definitely qualified by taking first place in the world rankings. ismu, the European finalist, qualified for the third time. This year there are also some new faces who will try to overtake the long-time successful players and rise to the top themselves.

Sky Arena Free in Apple App Store And Google Play Store available

Learn more about Summoners War and more SWC 2022 stand on Official site as well as Instagram, Facebook And YouTube Prepared.

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