These mobiles are banned: they try to extend the blockade to more countries



They called it the patent war. A bit of a free-for-all, with a European smartphone-making giant on one side, and a Chinese one on the other, is far from loyal.

These mobiles are banned: they try to extend the blockade to more countries
These devices are prohibited (web source).

From its withdrawal These devices From the German market in August, all predicted a downhill road for Nokia, in a legal battle with one of the Chinese giants. But nothing appears to be the case, at least until proven otherwise.

Nokia prevailed on two nearly identical patents in the same family in a smaller market for the brand: the Netherlands. The higher regional court in Karlsruhe also rejected Dongguan’s motion to stay Nokia’s Mannheim ban appeal. But those who expected the beginning of the end must think about changing their minds.

OPPO’s Revenge

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In many other respects, these two months have been terrible for the Finnish wireless company, which generally runs its patent business very well and has a lot of growth opportunities in that area, but needs an increasingly out-of-the-box strategy. expensive tit-for-tat con OPPO

If things go like this, Nokia risks locking itself into a quagmire, just when important renewals are at stake.

The beginning predicted something else: 4 out of 4 sentences in Germany (two in Mannheim, two in Munich, but OPPO is incredibly resistant. After these first four bans, in fact, the decision came for the Chinese: the Regional Court Düsseldorf suspended. OPPO like the Munich I Regional Court about a month ago Two Nokia cases against

In a judicial decision, the Chinese Supreme People’s Court was consistent with its jurisprudence OPPO vs Sharp: According to Chinese media, a global FRAND fee will now be set in China. And Nokia may be banned from the world’s most populous country.

OPPO, in short, is reclaiming everything with gusto. The regional court in Mannheim has confirmed that the Nokia trial against OPPO has been dismissed, as the Scandinavian company OnePlus, an OPPO affiliate, withdrew its complaint against one of the two patents on which Nokia prevailed in Munich: EP3557917 a “method and apparatus providing continuous communication”. “.

Previously, the court informed the parties in its initial opinion that the patent did not appear to be in fact infringed, contrary to what the Munich court ruled against OPPO (as opposed to OnePlus).

Also last week, Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has upheld an OPPO petition, initiating an inter partes review of a Nokia patent, because OPPO “has shown a reasonable likelihood that it will prevail against all of the claims challenged in its petition.

There are also no infringement cases in the US Nokia e OPPO This means the same OPPO The decision to take the battle to the US is another sign of how determined the Chinese company is to Nokia around the world.


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