They released previously-seen images of the Super Smash Bros. prototype.



It is widely known that prior to the official release of Super Smash Bros. on the Nintendo 64, the company’s characters would not be used, but rather polygonal and somewhat generic models. And now, the creator of the franchise himself, Masahiro Sakurai, has given us a more concrete look at what the prototype version of the fighting game looked like. A new video on Sakurai’s YouTube channel reveals images of Dragon King: The Fighting Game, the original game that formed the basis of what we know today as its flagship franchise. In it he tells us that at that time there were still no special skills, grabs, dodges, just standard blows that the characters would execute. This is what the creator commented: It had smash attacks, air jumps, shields, dashes, and aerial attacks from five directions. A battlefield stage design, too, though you can change it. Here’s more feedback on this prototype: At the time, we were very limited in how we could configure the models. But they still move pretty well, I’d say. Now when you Smash Bros. When you think of it, you can’t help but think of its huge roster of Nintendo characters. But that wasn’t in the original proposal, it’s something we discussed later. I came up with the idea for this game in 1996, when command input for fighting games started getting too complicated. Some of these were extremely intense. So, I went for simple controls with a stick and a button direction, something players can pick up on intuitively. Remember that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available on Nintendo Switch. Via: IGN
Editor’s Note: It’s always very positive to have this kind of documentation, especially with material that we previously thought was lost over time. This is one of the most relevant that Sakurai has opened his channel. The post they didn’t reveal was a never-before-seen photo of the Super Smash Bros. prototype.


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