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The Grammys

It seems like a joke, but over the years, videogames have been expanding into all kinds of disciplines, and precisely their music is so important that they have already won important awards. One of them is that the grammyAnd now, the version of the video game will compete for idols 2022.

On this occasion, the genres of video games are very diverse, something that has also happened with other games on previous occasions, since the arrangement won at that time was inspired by a Kirby. However, it was in a category that was not video games, and now the organizers have decided to give the title their place.

Here are the nominees:

– Alien: Fireteam Elite – Austin Wintory

– Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: Dawn of Ragnarok – Stephanie Economo

– Call of Duty: Vanguard – Bear McCreary

– Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy – Richard Jacques

– Old World – Christopher Tin

The next event will be 5th February, So players have to wait for a long time before meeting the ultimate winner of this musical category. Something that draws attention is the year span of the games, so expect nominated titles Ragnarok is the god of war It won’t be possible.

In award news. The names of the candidates for all the categories have already been announced. Game Awards. If you want to know what the best game of the year is playing, we invite you to follow the following link.

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Editor’s Comment: It’s good that games continue to expand into other specialties, so surely this Grammy category is something that will be here forever. At least not until the end of the industry.


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