This is the number of bosses that Suda51 wanted to have in No More Heroes 3



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Last year, one of the most loved games on the Nintendo Switch was no more or less than No More Heroes 3, developed by Grasshopper Manufacture Studio and, of course, directed by Suda51. And although the result was most favorable and satisfying, it seems that the creator of the series wanted more content in the face of the bosses. In a recent interview with the medium known as Gematsu, Suda51 mentioned that he would love to add more characters to the franchise, especially the nearly 100 that Travis encountered. However, due to limitation issues, among other details, it is clear that the concept of what would have been the perfect game in the end could not be finalized. Here’s his comment: Of course we wanted to do a lot, and I’ve talked about this in many interviews before, but initially we envisioned more playable characters than 100 bosses and Travis; These were some of the ideas we considered. Also, it’s going to be not only Santa Destroy, but also in a place called Utopialand. We wanted to create a completely freely traversable map. I was really hoping to get all of these things done, but due to the sheer volume of the game, schedule, budget, etc., we had to cut a lot. …Honestly… I wish we had added more weapons. I wanted to have three types of weapons and to be honest, that’s one of my regrets. So in the future, if we do a remake or a remaster or something like that, maybe 10 years from now or so, I want to make sure we put stuff like that in the game, if that happens. But again, I can’t make any promises at this point. Note that No More Heroes 3 is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S and PC. Via: gonintendo
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