TikTok’s Guidance Enforcement Report Shows Increase in Sexual Content and Fake Accounts


TikTok shared Community Guidance Enforcement Report for Q1 2022 (January-March), which provides an overview of the main reasons why content is being removed from the app, how many posts are being removed, and how TikTok’s systems are working to reduce exposure to harmful content.

And as you might expect, in the face of its ongoing growth, TikTok is now deleting much more content than ever before, including sexually explicit content and fake accounts.

In total, TikTok removed more than 102 million videos in Q1 2022, with ‘minor security’ being the main reason for content removal at a large interval.

As you can see here, ‘nudity and sexual activity’ was another key reason for the removal of the content, which tickling basically underlines the ongoing concern. Incentivizes more risky contentEspecially from young girls, as part of the temptation to keep people scrolling through their ‘for you’ feed.

The key elements in the ‘Minor Safe’ segment were ‘nudity and sexual activity involving minors’, in which, TikTok says, more than 92% of users were removed before they could be viewed.

TikTok Community Standard Enforcement Report Q1 2022

Which is a positive – but again, while TikTok’s systems are always improving, and getting better at removing such stuff, the big concern here is that users want to post to the app, this is an issue that needs more consideration and Analysis from the concerned authorities.

In terms of account removal, fake accounts were the biggest contributor, with about 21 million fake profiles removed during this period.

TikTok Community Standard Enforcement Report Q1 2022

Which is a big jump. As the chart shows, TikTok has removed 3 times more fake profiles than in the previous quarter – which means more people are signing up to the app and, as a result, more spammers and scammers are trying to access the app. Action. But that probably means more counterfeit sellers are entering.

Be wary of influencers relying on follower metrics as a proxy for engagement and access to the app.

TikTok also shares insights into efforts to identify and remove misinformation surrounding Russia’s aggression in Ukraine 41,191 videos related to the conflict have been removed during this period. TikTok also noted that it added fact-check prompts to 5,600 videos, while identifying and removing 6 networks and 204 accounts in a concerted effort to influence public opinion and confuse users about their identities.

Which is especially interesting when you consider China’s unwavering support for Russia’s activities in UkraineAnd in the context of TikTok’s Chinese ownership, efforts to deal with this component relate to a series of descriptions that the app could be primarily controlled by CCP.

It goes without saying that the Chinese government has not yet exercised some level of control over TikTok’s activities, but it is interesting to note that TikTok has gone into extended efforts to deal with Russian-caused misinformation in the conflict.

Overall, the number of users of TikTok is consistent with ongoing trends, especially in relation to its global expansion and growing use. But there are also some notes of concern and while TikTok says its systems are improving, there will always be some things that catch the cracks.

More activity on any element means more people are coming into the feed, and the fields highlighted here can be a significant problem in moving forward.

You can read the whole of TikTok Community Guidance Enforcement Report for Q1 2022 Here.

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