Tom Holland has already trained for several Spider-Man projects



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It was all celebration due to its premiere last year spider man: No Way HomeIn which three people came together Peter ParkAnd the most iconic movie that brought us. But in the end it was a bit uncertain Tom Holland Play the character again. And now, fans can rest easy because of a new report.

It was announced through leaked documents that the actor will be a part of UCM at least till the end of Phase 6, where it is mentioned that his role will be Avengers: Kang Dynasty And the secret war too. Sharing the stage with the brand’s other superheroes, and it’s determined that the most important people you’ll meet Fantastic four.

But that’s not all, since he will also have a solo film, because in the last installment we saw the entry of the symbiote into this universe, so the black suit will be a reality. Means the arrival of the character Eddie Brock A fact would be, we have already seen that universe sony He met her on TV, so there must be some variant.

As if said material wasn’t enough, it’s also mentioned that it will appear via cameo Daredevil: Reborn, of which series Charlie Cox Will be again as a hero Netflix. It is worth commenting that we have already seen back in his own No Way Home And also She-HulkBefriends him in the comics spider manSo here it will be no different.

For now, no date of any kind has been mentioned, but fans must be concerned.

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Publisher’s Note: It’s great that Tom Holland continues to be a constant in these movies, since many users already like him. If you’re planning on ending any of this, we’re all for at least giving it an ending that doesn’t hint at a sequel.


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