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More news is coming on the WhatsApp front, this time about groups. Here’s what the developer team thought for their platform this time around

Even today WhatsApp It is considered to be the number one messaging platform in the world, mostly due to the continuous work by a team of developers. The stated goal of the company is to satisfy as much as possible i Millions of users From all over the world, from every angle.

Among the many innovations that have come to the WhatsApp front, a particular group and the number of authorized participants has raised concerns (Unplus)

In this regard, there are several additions that will take effect in the coming weeks. One of the groups that WABetaInfo reported would be concerned. Not just for Android Ad iOS, But also for the desktop version of the messaging service. We talk about the possibility of creation Group up to 512 participants!

WhatsApp, groups can have up to 512 participants

WhatsApp Group 20220705 mobiles.it
The global rollout has already started (Adobe Stock) and it will be possible to add 512 people at the same time.

What WABetaInfo reports, soon WhatsApp The team will come Up to 512 recognized participants. A super innovation, designed primarily for consumers who need to communicate or text with many people at the same time. But not only that, because there is a possibility of forming a fan group or discussion group on some issues.

You can read on the net, Global rollout It should be released within the next few hours. If you want to get the latest updated version immediately, the advice is to take a look IOS App Store and Google Play Store. If no update is available yet, it will probably be a matter of a few days.

Now all that remains to be understood is that the company will decide to update its platform in the coming months in some other way. The voices are different and much influenced Interface How much? Special features In the application. Surely we will keep talking about it, hoping that WhatsApp itself will maintain an imbalance and announce any other news.

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