Whatsapp, has an unknown version: so you will no longer have limits



It’s been 4 years since the new function, or rather version, of WhatsApp has also arrived in Italy. A more extended version, which allows more advanced functions than the classic, can also serve as a virtual office for those who prefer to work with smartphones.

A version, which makes the old version usable only by those who haven’t tried “Pro” yet, because those who have tried it certainly can’t go back.

Whatsapp (Cellulari.it)
Whatsapp (Cellulari.it)

Yet there are still many people who have never tried the business version of WhatsApp to date, so much so that for these users the “business” version is a complete novelty, waiting to be discovered.

WhatsApp Business, the “Showcase” function is unbeatable

What catches the eye in the new WhatsApp Business profile settings is the possibility to transform it into a real “showcase” of your business, where you can show an example photo of the activity, indicate the website if you have one. One, product type, address etc.

Among the innovations that WhatsApp Business brings to its users is the possibility of creating a company profile, as already mentioned, the opportunity to use the company’s messaging tools that answer frequently asked questions and provide a series of presence, absence and predefined statuses. Availability for customers.

WhatsApp Logo - Cellulari.it 20221012
WhatsApp Logo – Cellulari.it

WhatsApp Business can also be combined with specific numbers that can be activated during configuration for a verification code and above all it can be installed on the phone at the same time as “personal”, as long as we each mention one. Different number (and hence you need a dual SIM phone).

Like the personal version, the business version of WhatsApp can also be used on your computer along with the web version Another way to manage communication with your customers in an easier way

Among the advantages that a WhatsApp business user can benefit from is that the spam process is much more limited, while “normal” customers will be able to recognize a business profile for certification, the famous “recognized with. Green check”.

Obviously, those who have not yet switched to WhatsApp Business probably do not know that it is completely free for small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as for micro-entrepreneurs who decide to use the service for their business, while the question will change in the event that a large company is a WhatsApp Business. Should the decision be made to activate the plan.


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