WhatsApp Makes Your Life Easier: There’s a Hidden Feature You Can’t Do Without



There is a hidden feature for WhatsApp that you must know about. If used in the right way, it can change and simplify your life. Here’s what you need to know about it

That’s a lot of features WhatsApp The various ways that have been made available to the users are proving useful. Think audio notes for those who don’t have time (or desire) to write, calls and video calls, groups with more users, statuses, stickers, emojis and more.

Whatsapp memo 20221028 cellulari.it
WhatsApp has a handy feature that few people know about but can prove to be very useful (Adobe Stock)

As we’ve already told you several times over the past few weeks, there are some Interesting update Which should be reached by the end of the year. Some are very useful and others that will complement the WhatsApp ecosystem. But it is important that you know that there are some hidden features within the app, which you can discover immediately and which will reveal themselves. Essential to your routine.

WhatsApp, here is a feature that can be very useful

Whatsapp memo 20221028 cellulari.it
Follow the steps to always have everything at your fingertips (Adobe Stock)

Nowadays, having everything always at hand has become a basic necessity. Whether it’s writing down an appointment for the day, or something to remember, a link to watch or a movie to watch saved. Tasks that require the use of a physical diary or most notes available within a smartphone. But how useful will it be? All in one application? And if the latter were correct WhatsApp? There is a very simple and quick technique that can literally change your life in this regard.

First of all, Open a group And add a person close to you, who should know what you want to do. Once this is complete, remove the other contact, so that only you remain in the chat. We suggest you fix everything and rename it to identify it immediately such as by Nirvana “My Stuff” or “Rubric”. At this point, you will have everything you need directly on WhatsApp. Whenever you need to mark an appointment or save a link to open later, you can write a memo in the chat and keep it handy. Nothing can be easy, a trick that few people know but it will give you a chance All in one app, Without having to search around your smartphone every time.


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