WhatsApp on iPhone changes, updates that screw everything up: This will shock you



If you have an iPhone and usually use WhatsApp, know that a super update is coming that will change everything forever. Here’s what you need to know about it and key news designed for users

No doubt the world’s number one messaging platform WhatsApp. Mark Zuckerberg’s app has managed to win a leading role in the industry over the years, thanks to the excellent work done by the team of developers. And it certainly didn’t end here, because they planned A number of useful changes From now until the end of the year.

whatsapp 20221017 cellulari.it
WhatsApp for iPhone is about to be updated with a big news that will change one place of the platform forever (Adobe Stock)

One of these seems to be in effect soon, but only just For iOS version applications. This is an absolute preview at the moment, while we still have to wait for the rollout to the stable version. This version of the app will lead to a real Service Disruptionfrom a certain point of view.

WhatsApp, iPhone Latest Update Details

whatsapp 20221017 cellulari.it
It will be possible to react to status updates, as is already the case with stories on Instagram (Adobe Stock).

A great news to come WhatsApp per iPhone, A point of no return that brings the messaging platform closer to its “sisters”. Instagram. Did you know that it is possible to send feedback to stories on social networks of reference? Soon it will also be possible to do this through status updates on WhatsApp. The process will be almost the same. Just open a specific content, swipe up from the bottom and a will appear Grid with 8 emojis Picked from. In addition to the ability to add a text message.

At the moment, the latest version released is being tested for innovation Every i developer is good for iOS. Android’s turn will likely come soon, before a global rollout on a permanent basis. Once again, the WhatsApp development team has hinted at the intention to make the messaging app a Hangout. Also from the point of view of social networks.

There is one more novelty that is going to come into play, always regarding state updates. Now if you have to go to the appropriate section located in the bottom bar of the app, it will soon enough Click on the user’s profile picture As with Instagram directly from the chat, all published updates will open automatically.


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