Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has already been fully leaked Atomics


Xenoblade Chronicles 3 It will finally arrive on Nintendo Switch next Friday, July 29. But it seems that this installment has already been completely leaked. Last week we told you how some stores broke the ban and started selling physical copies of this game. now, It has been revealed that ROMs for this installment are now available online, and can even be run on a Steam deck.

In the past hour, several users have shared endless spoilers on various internet sites. As if that wasn’t enough, it has been reported that a user known as SomeOrdinaryGamers managed it Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Running a steam deckThis is just a few days after the official launch on Switch.

In addition, various eBay users have listed the physical copies they received ahead of time, and They are already selling them for as little as $100

Although it is somewhat obvious, It goes without saying that you have to be wary of spoilers. It is recommended that those who want to enjoy this title without spoiling their story, block certain words from Twitter and avoid entering sites like Reddit and ResetEra, where it is very easy to find information shared ahead of time.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Coming to Nintendo Switch on July 29. On a related note, here’s what the game’s Expansion Pass offers. Likewise, resellers demand higher prices for collector’s editions of titles.


Editor’s note:

No doubt, a tricky situation for Nintendo. Although Xenoblade Chronicles isn’t too far from release, this leak is a serious blow to fans who want to enjoy the game spoiler-free, as well as to the company itself.

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