Ellie’s actress did not play the title role in The Last of Us series




Many gamers are looking forward to the upcoming premiere of the series our endwhich is being produced by the chain HBO And some progress has already been made. And while some think that actors have already tried the game to prepare for their roles, the harsh reality is that it hasn’t happened, at least not with the actress. came.

Through an interview known as medium Dr In the United States today, The actress revealed that she has never tried a video game in her life, because when she auditioned for her role, they asked her the same question. And because of his refusal, production advises him not to, amid some quiet laughter that isn’t even his own Bella Ramsay Totally understandable.

The reasoning behind the recommendation is not at all clear, but production may not want it Ramsay Emulate character, be it in behavior and otherwise. For their part, they may want a real explanation and influence the outcome seen in TV series imitating avatars from games..

Still an actress game of thrones It took some time to see some gameplay of the platform Youtube, it was not to see the whole scene, a little glimpse to find out what he has embodied. For now, it’s unknown if he’ll try the video game, but it’s possible he’ll delve into the post-apocalyptic title after the season premiere.

Through: USA Today



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