Equinox is back with the 2022 edition of the Latam Game Awards


The autumnal equinox has officially begun, and this event is celebrated Equinox Latam Game Awards With its 2022 edition. Delivery that will give its respective awards to the most outstanding games of the year, only now the judges will be from Latin American media, including their servers, Atomics.

It’s worth mentioning that in this version things have been expanded a bit further, to discover a total of 43 categories, which will include prominent users in streaming, content creators and development studios. Obviously, something that cannot be missed in any way is Game of the Year, a contest that will be very close.


The creator of the show commented like this, Emilio EvaAbout the new version:

In 2021, we launched the first edition of the Equinox LATAM Game Awards as a way to recognize the highlights of the global video game industry from a Latin American perspective and identity. This year we are really excited about the 2022 edition Our team has worked hard to make this next edition even bigger with more support from the region’s specialized media, but maintaining our commitment to celebrating the region’s tastes and preferences. However, Equinox has a narrative element that tells a story through visual metaphors, which seeks to captivate the audience, just like the video games we are so passionate about.

Los Equinox Latam Game Awards Next will be performed 5 November Through streaming within the city Mexico. Those who want to get more information can visit the page webAs well as various social networks of events.

More details on that soon, mostly about nominations.

Via: Official Statement.


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