Olivia Wilde has spoken out about Harry Styles’ alleged spitting on Chris Pine


At the film festival Venice There were many important events, including the six-minute emotional standing ovation given to the medium’s well-known actor, Brendan Fraser. But undoubtedly, what attracted the most attention was the alleged spat Harry Styles is a Chris PineAnd now a new perspective has emerged, that of the actress and the director Olivia Wilde.

In recent programs The Late Show, Olivia appeared as a guest, where they asked him about his latest projects such as Controversial Don’t worry darling. And right there they asked him if there was a scandal in it pine y style This is true, to which he replied that things were taken a bit out of context and he denies what happened.

Here is his statement:

No, he didn’t. But I think it’s a perfect example of people looking for drama anywhere. Harry didn’t actually spit on Chris.

For those who don’t know Don’t Worry Darling, this is the summary:

Set in the 1950s, it tells the story of a seemingly happy couple (played by actress Florence Pugh and singer Harry Styles). They live in a quiet American community, where he works for a large corporation, while she is a devoted housewife. Gradually, her anxiety becomes apparent as she begins to discover details about Project Victoria, the work her husband is developing. As the rest of the women in the workforce devote themselves to being discreet and submissive, she begins to question herself and realizes with horror that her happiness and her peaceful life are in more danger than ever.

The tape is already available in theaters.

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