Fanatics ask Rockstar Games for a patch for Red Dead Redemption 2




Its fans Read Dead Redemption 2 They have suffered disappointment after disappointment, as the days of the online portion of the game are numbered and there are no plans for a remaster of this game. This has led them to begging music star Games For a patch for play station 5As its performance will be higher for this.

As reported in the media push square, Its official subreddit Red Dead Redemption 2 This has been a trend. It’s been 4 years since then RDR2. And for that they created a poll that only got 8,000 votes. Something that could turn around video game developers that almost managed to get the title of the year in 2018.

Tomorrow marks 4 years of RDR2. No PS5 60fps patch yet. from PS5

Reddit posts highlight this fact since its launch Red Dead Redemption 2 Four years ago. And many games from the same generation have similar remaster treatments. Even his own GTA V There are already three releases that include pcthe generation PS4 And that’s it PS5.

Supporters have a problem RDR2 con music star The game runs at 30fps at native 4K (3840x2160p) output Xbox Series X. But when you play PS5, it’s locked to 30fps, with a resolution of less than 1920x2160p. equal to PlayStation 4 Pro.

Note that the game is available PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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Publisher’s Note: With Rockstar’s little interest in the game, especially in the online portion, this update may not happen. The first game is said to be getting a remake, so the focus will be on that.


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