iOS 16 is a disaster: Very serious problem remains, users despair


iOS 16 has been out for a few weeks now, but problems remain. One in particular, which is infuriating users and needs a fix soon. what’s going on here

One of the most important times of the year for Apple has just ended. Shortly after the presentation the keynote iPhone 14The Cupertino OEM released the operating system update ad iOS 16. A lot of news, which is above all: the new customizable lock screen at all points.

Another problem with iOS 16 has been discovered, and now users are starting to panic (Adobe Stock)

But there is no shortage Problems and controversies By users, an update often occurs immediately after the rollout of the operating system. The recent controversy specifically concerns an unthinkable mistake that has already raised the ire of many. apple is Call for a solution As soon as possible, because the situation is quickly getting out of control.

iOS 16 and battery problems, users panic

An issue that will be discussed until resolved. Since operating system updates are released iOS 16, Apple is receiving a series of criticism for battery life. According to what has emerged, the duration was even reduced compared to previous versions. And it’s obvious that Bugs argues, Considering that already itself iPhone They are not famous for all-day battery endurance.

iOS 16 20220927
Significant disruptions reported with battery life, which now also reduce autonomy (Adobe Stock)

In particular, the problem seems to be related to a New indexing of some applications. The latter is forced to work in the background, resulting in considerable loss of autonomy. Surely the Cupertino OEM has already noticed what is happening, and has received – as always – feedback By thousands of users worldwide.

The official communication is yet to come, but it should be revealed in the next few weeks A newer version of the system software, updated and no more problem for battery. At the moment, however, there is no news on a possible release time. We will have to wait and understand when Apple and its team of developers will have the update ready. Hopefully you can get it as soon as possible, so you can get back to using your iPhone Without worrying too much about the battery.

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